Getting Implants

The process of getting implants for those who need them is a fairly straight forward one.  However, it does take time and will require that you spend several months healing before the next step of the procedure can begin.  For those looking to learn the tooth implant process chester will want to consult with their dentist.  Listed below is the basic process.

tooth implant process chester


The first step in anything is to give you an exam.  An exam is where the doctor will come in and look at your teeth, do x-rays and do other documentation of your specific case.  Since each case is different there isn’t a set procedure that everyone will go through when getting implants.

Remove old teeth

In order to install new teeth, the old teeth need to be removed.  This will be done by the dentist on a single visit or on a series of visits, depending on your specific case.  From there your mouth will need to heal before any further steps can be taken.

Exam / follow up

The next step is to give you another exam through a follow up.  This follow up appointment and exam will put you through the steps of the initial exam where they will do x-rays and tests.  Once everything is done and your mouth is healthy, they can move onto the next step.

The plate

The plate is the component that will eventually hold all of the teeth that they will put in your mouth.  This plate will be drilled into your jawbone and secured.  From there your mouth will need to go through another healing and waiting period to ensure that everything is good and ready for the final step which will be installing the teeth.

Installing the teeth

Once your brace is secure and healed, your teeth will be installed.  This is the last step in the process before you will see some actual teeth in your mouth.  When your teeth are installed you will then again have to go through a healing process, a level of adjustments and follow ups, but for the main part of the procedure you are complete.