Simple Tips to Prepare for Surgery

Preparing for surgery is important for anyone who is going under the knife. Without proper planning and preparing, even a simple surgery can turn into a complex process. Follow the dos and don’ts on the list below to ensure you are properly prepared for your surgery to minimize fear, worry and the risks that can occur.

Do: Ask Questions

Your doctor is a book of knowledge concerning your medical procedure. Who better to ask than a doctor when you need accurate information that protects you during surgery? Create a list of questions to ask the doctor so you do not forget anything important that you would like to know.

Don’t: Ignore Doctor’s Orders

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Your doctor will provide a list of orders that patients should follow before their charleston general surgery procedure. Failure to follow the orders puts you at greater risk when you go under the knife. Make sure you adhere to his advice and take a few deep breaths of assurance in his knowledge.

Do: Make Plans

Plan to take someone to surgery with you. They’ll need to drive you home afterward. It is also a good idea to have someone around who can help you around the house after the procedure. You may be sore or uncomfortable after surgery and a helping hand is always nice.

Don’t: Overthink

It is easy to overthink things, especially surgery. But that only complicates things and makes it worse on you. Stay off Google and do you best to ignore friends or family who have negative or unpleasant information to offer.

The above dos and don’ts are among the most important tips any patient can follow before surgery. Keep this information in mind, as well as that provided by your doctor, to ensure a successful surgery.